<.h1>Quick 1 Minute SEO Success Checklist<./h1>

When you hear the words SEO, the first thing that most business owners think of is “a service that will get me to #1 on Google fast. (sorry LOL!) Well, that could not be further from the truth, it doesn’t work that way. SEO takes time. Period. End of Story.

When we talk to our clients about SEO, and it always comes up, we try to change the idea of what SEO means, we call it “intent”. The better you can structure what is on your website to your clients or customers “intent”, IE; what they are actually searching for, Google will show your site higher up the page rank ladder because it’s very relevant.

Now there are a few things that we “SEO” gurus always do with every single project that crosses our desks. Call it old school, but these few things below you can do yourself (if you are tech savvy enough to break into the backend matrix of your businesses website) or hire a professional to help.

First things first, Google is just starting to learn how a page looks and feels when its web spiders scan your pages, but really what it comes down to is the basics, back to basics. If you really think about it, it’s pretty straightforward “common sense” type stuff if you put yourself in the web visitor’s shoes.

<.h2> Content, Content, Content – Be Relevant </.h2>

Content is King for SEO!Make sure you have enough text on your pages that are completely relevant to what people are actually searching for. The more specific your page content and text for what your business offers, the better. Example: If you sell red toy widgets, embellish your red toy widgets on your page so people looking for “red widgets for kids to play with outside”. This is referred to as a long tail keyword. You are now capturing “intent” searches and this will help you rank higher.

Keeping your pages fresh with new content targeting “intent” also will help you move up the ranks, as you know the old saying, have to cast a bigger net to catch more fish. Keep up with fresh new content. Does your website have a blog? If so, use it. I know who has time to write when you are running around putting out fires all day.

<.h2>Website/Page Optimization</.h2>

Structured Page Headings Tell Google Whats ImportantThere is a certain code structure that tells Google what is important on your page. This structure starts with the page title, and this is important because it tells Google what is supposed to be on the rest of the page.

Next, we come to these tags call H tags… they are in order from most important to least important. H1 tags are most important, Header 1 (H1) is a close variation to the page title that tells the reader what the page is about and starts the reader down the page. H2, you guessed it, is the next important page tag, this is a sub-topic that is highly related to the page topic, H3, H4, so on and so forth.

Have enough text on the page that is super targeted to what the page is about and you should do well with Google ranks. I didn’t mention images yet, that is coming.

<.h2>Ludicrous Speed Now!</.h2>

Website Page Speed is a MustDid you pay your cable company big bucks to have lightning fast internet for all of your connected devices right? How frustrating is it when you load up a website and you get spinny loading thing? What do you end up doing?, I can take a wild guess, close the page and do another Google search right? Ouch, if that was your website, you just lost a client or customer in 6 seconds.

Here is the biggest speed killer that we seem to run into all the time, images that are very large in file size. Seems that it’s so easy to take a picture, and then upload it to your site without checking how big the file size is. Images need to be sized accordingly to the screen size (resolution) and compressed with software such as Photoshop or even a few online sites will allow you to upload a file and it spits out the optimized version.

There are other things that can cause speed issues, but images are the main suspect almost 80% of the time.  You can check your site here at GTMetrix : https://gtmetrix.com/


website backlinks are importantLinks from other reputable sites are always a bonus in gaining SEO ranks. This tells Google you are important if a big named site has your link. Link building is very hard these days, back in the day before Facebook, the internet was filled with “pay for a link sites” which Google quickly put the smack down on.

Having links from Social Media, or let’s say your local township or chamber of commerce sites are a good start. Find sites that are relevant to your site and see if you can post a comment or forum post, then have your site link in your signature or salutation (if allowed).

If you have Google Analytics on your site, you can see where these links may already live by looking at your referral traffic under acquisitions/referrals.

<.h2>Analytics Technical (Bounce Rate, CTRs, Session Time)</.h2>

Technical Page Analytics Are a MustIf your CTR (Click Through Rates) is low, that could signal that #2 from my list is lacking, meaning that people aren’t finding what they are looking for and your titles, descriptions are not enticing enough. Update those page titles and descriptions and you should see your CTRs spike higher.

Remember “intent”!

Bounce Rates – The number one offender for high bounce rates is normally pop-ups. How many times have you been to a website and as soon as you land on the page you get this “ginormous pop up” that you have to find the “Where’s Waldo X” to close the window, Yuck! Yes, No Thank You!

If you feel compelled to use a pop-up, wait at least 30 seconds for new users to show it. Remember you want to draw them into your site and have them stick around so don’t throw up a stop sign!

User Session Time – Basically, how long did your web visitor hang out? If they only hung out for 10 seconds, that’s a tell-tale sign that they didn’t find what they were looking for or something else made them leave. Make sure your page is set up for success by following the items on this 1-minute SEO checklist. Another way to keep your visitors engaged is to have content linked to other content within your site that will keep them on your site which is exactly what you want.

<.h3>Have More Questions?</.h3>

This is not a full list of items that you should look for on your own site, but these are the top contenders to make pretty good improvements in a relatively short period of time.

Well, that wraps up our Quick 1 Minute SEO Success Checklist!

We love to get geeky about how we can help you untangle the web for you. We ultimately love educating our clients so you can better understand how to get your website more attention from Google, and perhaps that coveted #1 Top Spot!

If you would like a free SEO Audit for your business website, we promise we will spend more than 1 minute on it! We have the experience and tools to help your business be successful.

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