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Your website works day and night, 24/7 365, why not give it a checkup and ensure things are up to snuff?

The holiday season is upon us and most of us take to our phones to start the shopping season early. Having your website ready for the holiday rush could make or break your season if you are selling products or services that customers are looking for gift ideas.

As small business owners, it’s easy to let things slip as we wear many hats. All businesses should have a website (digital presence) since its the easiest way to get your companies products, services, and message in front of your customers or clients. Whether you are a retail brick and mortar business or provide services, its an absolute must.

Here are a few questions that you should be asking yourself:

Do you show up for relevant product or service keyword searches (besides your company name)?

Do you know how well your traffic is converting, whether its a phone call, a contact form, or e-commerce product/service sale?

How does your website stack up to your competitors?

Is your site designed with industry best practices in place?

How does your site look on a mobile phone or tablet? 

Can visitors find what they are looking for quickly and easily?

Sure some businesses rely on social media pages to stay in touch with their audience, but that can have some drawbacks, mainly control. At ParaByte, we have a plethora of experience with designing new or refreshing current websites, bringing new technology into your business. Our team will help you understand how your target audience (customers) is interacting with your site and design a plan of action to increase the amount of converting traffic. We will show you how to read the reports so you can make sense of how changes will affect the performance of your site.

We would love to learn about your business and help you with your business site!

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